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With our present technology, including advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), our perception of what is true or false, what is real or unreal, is becoming more difficult to discern. Needless to say, people's integrity is also a new challenge because people have become more deceitful, and their leadership and integrity are no longer challenged.

But prayer time (to connect with God) can be perceived as a heavy burden, too, if we don't change our perception so it doesn't become a difficult task.

Prayer is the most intimate way we can have with God. We can never judge other people in their manner of prayer because it is as personal and intimate as husband and wife when they meet in their private chambers. Prayer is our time alone with God, time to cry, time to dance, to praise, to worship, and to be "naked" in front of His presence. As much as "naked" may sound too radical for some readers, it is exactly what He expects. The first man, Adam (according to the bible) felt ashamed after he realized his appearance unto God that he had to hide behind the bushes when he heard God calling him. Being "naked" is just a word to explain we don't need to pretend who we really are in front of God. Every time we pretend to be who we not really are, it makes us liars.

Imagine people buying the most expensive cars just to show off when they are truly having problems paying their mortgage or rent, pretending who they are not, that makes them liars. This same idea applies to us when we want to "pray" in a manner we truly are not ourselves.

If it takes time to build on this relationship, so be it! But it is the best investment we can make for ourselves. It can easily start with praises, and praises will move our hearts to worship. Prayer can take many forms, it can be a time of silence, a time of reflection and meditation, and a time of wrestling with darkness. Hopefully we will cover these different forms at other times. But as an intro, just enter in these private chambers with confidence that God will not judge if we come "naked" unto His presence. 
Have confidence that during our prayers, We are praying to God the Creator (Neh.9:6), The Only God (Is.45:5), The Almighty God (Ps.89:8), A Loving God (IJn.4:16), A Faithful God (Dt.7:9), A Merciful God (Neh.9:31), A God of Justice (Rom.3:26), The Holy One (Rev.4:8), The God of Miracles (Ps.77:14),  The God, our Shepherd (Ps.23:1-3), A Provider God (2Cor.9:8), A Forgiving God (Neh.9:17), The God who heals (Ex.15:26), The God of all comfort (2Cor.1:3), The Lifter of our Head (Ps.3:3), A God of Joy (Ps.21:6), The God of all the earth (Is.54:5), and The God Who answers Prayers (Is.65:24). This is the assurance that He is listening to all our prayers, as He is also our Father!     





PRAYER and Meditation for our coming elections:         2024


(soon to be posted) 


Author:  Hiram Dorado 


God is with us, God lives in us, God is for us! Our Lord Jesus  made this possible!

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