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"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets"

 Matthew 7:12

The current rate or value of our relationships continues to depreciate because we have stopped considering simple things like the golden rule, or what is also known as karma.

The economy of our relationships has been in "red digits" (or devalued) since people, especially those in leadership, began publicly disrespecting others; and as a society, we did not challenge them but celebrated their despotism and arrogance. 


God is more concerned about how we treat others than about the titles we can achieve. This has nothing to do with politics, religion, family differences, or work ethics but with the condition of our own hearts.

We have become more concerned in our own objectives and personal achievements that care less about the integrity of our own heart on how to get there, and this includes paying no attention to the divisions and the bystander apathy we are creating. Those walls of divisions we prefer to ignore will later reap the consequences of more hate, mistrust, and revenge. 

We don't need to say: "And we call ourselves Christians?" our call to display a good character as a Christian has nothing to do with this. It would be more fitted to say: "And we call ourselves human beings?" Our lack of good decent communication in our relationships with others is now making us more inferior (or equally inferior) to animals or beasts.

The trend we are now seeing in our leadership positions, whether this is in the political arena, social media, religion, or local community, is not guiding us to the right solution, the extreme of this unethical behavior will continue moving to the extreme of their own negative creativity. 

Let’s make it simple!

If we don't start taking care of our own relationships, or how we treat others (with respect, dignity, understanding, and love), we soon be facing the consequences of this major negligence. If we don't "put" attention to these issues for right now, we will "pay" with higher interests later in the future; and we may be paying higher interests already (no more respect while driving or shopping, killing each other, or even by having no respect for life itself anymore). Don't wait for someone or for our leaders to start making the difference you want to see, everything will always start within.

Abide in Christ, abide in love! 


Author: Hiram Dorado, 

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