April 3, 2017

Our relationship with God is very personal and unique. What I use to enhance (or develop) such intimacy may not be the same for others; some people have a very artistic inclination so art becomes their best means to experience God; others love to search deep meanings or find treasures so their explorations to find God is equivalent to others' artistic creations. But what about fasting?  

Do we use fasting to remove mounta...

March 22, 2016

One of the greatest paradoxes in life is the significance of some people not having the same opportunities as others, really???? To feel this statement is accurate and true, it is the same as believing that God only loves certain people. And to make this statement even worse, it is to blame the Teacher for the ignorance of the student. People can try so hard to change, improve, or adjust other peoples' circumstances and setbac...

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