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The Bible,

It's not about Jesus, it's about you! 

...this note was written on June 14, 2013

(and oldie but goodie!!!)

The way we read and share the Bible will either damage us or help us. The Bible was never an establishment literature written to give us an exclusive identity as superiors and to make others feel inferior as if they would have to join a selected group or even talk to insiders in secrecy just to understand their point of view. With this in mind, some people have made the Bible to become the self-serving viewpoint that looks at life with a very limited understanding and vision. It is weird how we condemn secret societies, yet we always tend to judge others by our own shadows. But I still have respect for those that hold a position of “knowledge” in the things of God, they've always challenged my way of thinking, but I just can't see how we lost such greatness of being called by God, in any ministry position, and fighting so much of the status quo, because that idea only gives me the perception that being such a servant is the last in their minds but instead, they embrace it as a career move. You would think that in order to be rejected a minister needs to preach a deep message, and that’s not so in God's economy; it is after you being rejected, that a minister (or anyone who wants to speak in public or to the public) will have a deep message.

Let me elaborate. Isn’t much easier and popular for someone to say: “Because I love a ProChoice election, I love the unborn but I condemn those that agree on abortion” This person might believe himself to be among the great revolutionaries for he speaks a “deep message” that creates enough popular “rejection”. Although some do just that to satisfy their ego as pious men! But isn’t much harder for someone to say: “Because I know their pain and struggle, I do love the unborn and I cannot neglect or depreciate the unloved one, thus I cannot condemn either one”. This second attitude will create a popular “rejection” from the main stream of Christians, but that reverse attitude will have a deeper message. What’s the difference? The second one has tasted the suffering, the rejection, pain, misery, and travail, so he speaks with mercy and compassion. When did we lose this sense of preaching while sharing the good news? When did we stop having compassion for everyone without leaving anyone outside? But only our own mindsets and prejudices speak louder than the same gospel we received.   otherwise? How easily we have forgotten the way Jesus handled the prostitute: ".....who is accusing you woman?" Jesus brings healing first, then gives the person the tools to make the right choice! I guess it all began when our own insecurity about God began to establish purity codes, titles, roles, and that's when we began to name “sin” at the consequences of our ignorance and not by their own source (origin). I truly think that the problem is how wrong some ministers have handled the Word of God, in order for ministers to bring proper judgment, they must justify their role, and then find the indicators to be properly judged people(as a court procedure). Enough of this garbage, “sin” needs to be well-defined.  Sin has never been an action (a verb) but a state of being. And Jesus put that concept back in its right place when He said, “repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”. Our repentance is not about doing or stop doing (verb), but about “being”; and our right being has to do with our present residing (lodging, dwelling).  You can presently live in paradise (kingdom now) or you can be outside of it. But since ministers didn’t know how to discern such paradox (who is living where), they called sin what has never been. A change of mind (as Jesus said it with the word “repent”) is a change of perception (awareness, insight, assessment, experience). I go back to how I started this thought: the way I read my Bible can either damage me or help me. In a very mystical style, the Bible is more about you, yes "YOU!!!!" in mind, rather than giving a historical account of what Jesus did. Don't get me wrong, His Story (history) transformed this world, but this transformation was made with "You" in His heart and mind. Jesus came to us so we could understand what was written FOR US. Jesus became fully human so we could understand the nature of our temptations, the midnights of our transformations, the fears, emotions, and progress of our own journey. Yes, Jesus is the center of the Bible, but You are at the heart of the center of the Bible. God is now seating in the Mercy Seat with a job that has been completed, and that same Mercy Seat is in your heart. If this Mercy Seat wouldn't be in your heart, everything I am saying, wouldn't make any sense at all.

Forgive my candor, Christianity has never been about making Christianity the best religion, that’s what Churchianity tries to do, Christianity is about emptying our false self to recover our true self so we can have communion (common union) with God again.  

Author: Hiram Dorado


Networks Ministries

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